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Our Safety Guidelines!
We are pleased to announce an update effective May 28th 


We know that some guests are still going to chose to wear them and some will not. 

For the time being our staff will remain masked while working in close contact with you. 

We understand everyone has deeply personal beliefs guiding their decisions. We respect everyone's choice. There will be no judgement here. 

*Hairology will NOT be asking our guests to disclose their vaccination status. We ask that our guests respect our employees personal and private health choices as well. This discussion will not be allowed.*

Our stations will remain 6ft apart. 

We will continue to regularly disinfect the salon in between guests. 

Going forward we will not be taking guests temperatures, the only thing we ask is that you sanitize your hands upon entering.

You will also be able to enter the salon upon arrival instead of having to call or text to let us know you are there.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at any time.